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Power Stages Exploit GaN-Based Technology

Power Stages Exploit GaN-Based Technology

The company’s first integrated power stage devices utilizing its Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based power device technology platform include the iP2010 and iP2011 designed for multiphase and POL applications. Both integrate a PowIRtune driver IC, matched to a multi-switch monolithic GaN-based power device. The iP2010 features an input voltage range of 7V to 13.2V and an output range of 0.6V to 5.5V with an output current up to 30A. The device operates up to 3 MHz. Operating up to 5 MHz, the pin-compatible iP2011 features the same input and output voltage range but is optimized for an output current up to 20A. Prices begin at $6 each/2,500. For more information, contact Sian Cummins at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7148.


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