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Pre-Driver Power Amps Boost Cellular Base Stations

Two new GaAs HBT pre-driver power amplifiers operate across the spectrum of cellular telephone base station frequencies—CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS and UMTS. The RF3807 is rated at 0.5W and the RF3809 at 2W. Both are single-stage amplifiers offering high power-added efficiency (>40%, P1dB) and broadband performance (450 to 2,200 MHz). In the UMTS band, the RF3807 provides 28.5 dBm output power (OP1dB), high linearity (42 dBm OIP3) and 14.5 dB gain under linear operation. Also in the UMTS band, the RF3809 provides 33.5 dBm output power, 43% efficiency at OP1dB, linearity of 43 dBm at OIP3 and 10.5 dB gain under linear operation. Both devices come in industry-standard SOIC-8 plastic packages and are lead-free. Pricing for both pre-drivers is $4.07 each/10,000. RF MICRO DEVICES INC., Greensboro, NC. (336) 664-1233.


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