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Precision Instrumentation Amplifier Comes In Tiny SOT23 For Under $1

The MAX4460/61/62 precision instrumentation amplifiers achieve a 100-µV input offset (typical) at 25°C from a tiny six-pin SOT23 package. While the MAX4460 offers an adjustable gain, the MAX4461/62 come with gain internally trimmed to 0.1% accuracy at 1V/V, 10V/V, and 100V/V. Featuring CMOS inputs, these devices require only 1 pA of input bias current. Typical CMRR and PSRR are 120 and 100 dB, respectively. The amplifiers' output swings within a few millivolts of either rail driving a 10-kΩ load, and the input common-mode range extends to 200 mV below ground. The units offer a gain-bandwidth product of 2.5 MHz, and noise is rated at 18 nV/(check)—Hz. Operating from a 2.85- to 5.2-V single supply, the devices consume only 650 µA. Specified for an extended industrial temperature range, they start at $0.98 in 1000-piece lots.

Maxim Integrated Products; (800) 998-8800

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