Electronic Design

Product Enhances Design And Simulation Of Mixed-Mode Circuits

B2 Spice A/D Version 4 lets you design and simulate analog, digital, and mixed-mode circuits. The simulation engine is based on Berkeley Spice and includes many extensions from XSpice. It features 17 types of simulations, including RF, Fourier, noise, distortion, Monte Carlo, and parameter sweeps. It provides improved data visualization tools for deciphering digital and analog simulation results.

The schematic editor allows the user to enter and edit circuit designs and set up for simulations. B2 Spice A/D Version 4 also provides support for over 9600 device models. The user can easily add new parts to the parts database or edit existing parts. This product features new export to pc-board capability. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Beige Bag Software Inc.
(734) 332-0487; www.beigebag.com

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