Electronic Design

Programmable Analog Arrays Enable Dynamic Changes Within Modules

The AN220E04, also known as the Anadigmvortex, is the first of a family of second-generation field-programmable analog arrays (FPAAs). It's based on fully differential switched-capacitor technology coupled to a digitally controlled analog switch fabric. Users can dynamically change the interconnections and individual component values within the configurable analog modules (CAMs) to change the circuit performance.

The FPAAs are enabled through a new EDA software tool, AnadigmDesigner 2, that permits drag-and-drop construction of complex analog functions. The tool graphically depicts system performance and lists the number of configurable analog modules necessary for the particular implementation. It also outputs C code that allows the analog functions to be controlled in-system. A single-chip development system with standard interfaces provides quick design exploration.

The development kit costs $499. Housed in a 44-lead QFP, the AN220E04 starts at $15 in quantities of 10,000.

Anadigm Inc.,
www.anadigm.com; (408) 545-5730.

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