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Quad Delta-Sigma Modulator Directly Connects To Transducers

For motor control and industrial process control, Texas Instruments' ADS1204 quad delta-sigma modulator enables direct connection to transducers or low-level signals. It has 100-dB dynamic range and 16-bit resolution, and it operates from one +5-V supply. With the appropriate digital filter and modulator rate, the chip can deliver 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion with no missing codes. For higher-speed measurements, effective resolution of 12 bits can be obtained with a digital filter bandwidth of 160 kHz at a modulator rate of 10 MHz. The device also offers ±1-LSB integral nonlinearity (INL), ±1-LSB differential nonlinearity (DNL), 0.5% gain error, an onboard 20-MHz oscillator, and four input reference buffers. TI also has a single-channel version, the ADS1203, with 95-dB dynamic range. The ADS1204 and ADS1203 are available now. The ADS1203 is packaged in a TSSOP-8 and starts at $2.70 in 1000-unit lots.

Texas Instruments

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