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Rail-To-Rail Input And Output Op Amp Works Using Less Than 1V

The latest addition to the company’s ultra-low-voltage power management IC family is the NCS2001 rail-to-rail input and output CMOS operational amplifier that can function in the sub-1V region. This is particularly important to designers using 0.9V operating cores in microprocessors, DSPs and microcontrollers. The NCS2001 op amp maximizes the functionality within a circuit for low supply voltage operation because it has a wider supply voltage. Other key specs for the chip include high output current (ISC = 40 mA at 5V) and 10 pA input bias current. There is also no output phase reversal for over-driven input signals. The IC can be used in portable communications devices, sensor interfaces, active filters, PCMCIA cards, ASIC input drivers, and DSP interfaces. Housed in a SOT23-5 package, the op amp is priced at $0.46 each/12,000.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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