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Rail-To-Rail Op Amps Offer Programmable Offset Voltage

A direct replacement for ALD1702 operational amplifier with the added feature of user-programmable offset voltage, ALD1722E electrically programmable device offers a typical minimum offset voltage of less than 50 µV. The devices can be programmed either before insertion or in the system. And once programmed, the set values are stored in the device indefinitely. The op amps offer rail-to-rail input and output voltage ranges, tolerance to overvoltage spikes of 300 mV beyond supply rails, high capacitive loading up to 4000 pF, extremely low input currents of 0.01 pA typical, high open-loop voltage gain, 1.5 MHz useful bandwidth, slew rate of 2.1 V/µs, and low supply current of 0.8 mA. Applications include low-voltage portable instruments, sensor preamplifiers, transducer biasing, and precision gain circuits where potentiometer trimming is prohibitive.


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