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Relay Series Provides 40-A Switching Capacity

The A2 series of small, lightweight relays from CIT Relay & Switch offers both printed-circuit board (PCB) pin and .250 quick-connect terminals (see the figure). These devices also include a weatherproof shroud along with mounting flange and metal bracket options. Coil voltage options include 6, 12, and 24 V dc with coil power choices of 1.6 and 1.9 W. QS9000 and ISO9002 certified manufacturing ensures quality and continuous reliability, according to the company.

Contact arrangements include single-pole single throw (SPST) normally closed, SPST normally open, single-pole double-throw (SPDT), and SPST normally open (two terminals). Ratings include 40 A at 14 V dc, 30 A at 14 V dc, 40 A at 14 V dc NO, 30 A at 14 V dc NC, and 2 by 20 A at 14 V dc. Contact resistance is less than 30 O mm. Contact materials are silver tin oxide (AgSnO2). Maximum switching power is 630 W, and maximum switching current is 40 A. Coil suppression is diode, resistor, or in combination.

Mounting options include PC mount, plastic flange metal flange, and shroud. Electrical life is 100k cycles with a mechanical life of 10M cycles. Insulation resistance is 100 MO at 500 V dc. Dielectric strength coil to contact is 750 V rms with contact to contact at 500 V rms. Shock resistance is 147 m/s2 for 11 ms. Vibration resistance is 1.5 mm double amplitude 10 ~ 40 Hz. Copper allow terminal strength is 8N (quick connect) and 4N (PCB pins). Operating temperature is –40°C to 125°C with a storage temperature of –40°C to 155°C. Solderability is 260°C for 5 s.

Typical applications include automotive and lamp accessories like ABS control, cooling fans, blower fans, fuel pumps, car alarms, trunk locks, and window controls. Pricing ranges from $0.58, depending on options and volume. Lead time is four to six weeks.

CIT Relay & Switch


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