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Remote Thermal Diode Monitor Suitable For Portable Apps

A ±1¡C high-accuracy, low-cost remote thermal diode monitor is now available in an 8-pin uSOIC package. Its small size makes the ADM1032 desirable for portable and space-constrained applications, such as thin and light notebook computers, while its functionality and features are well suited for applications requiring thermal management systems, including desktop computers, set-top boxes, industrial controllers, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment. A key feature of the ADM1032 is its ability to program under and over temperature limits into a particular device over the SMBus, with an alert output signaling when the on-chip or remote temperature measurement is out of range. Other features of the ADM1032 include 1¡C accuracy and resolution on the local channel, and 0.125¡C resolution/1¡C accuracy on the remote channel; 160 µA maximum operating current, and a3 µA standby current; and a 3V to 5.5V supply. The ADM1032 is priced at $1.99 each/1,000 and under $1.00 for large-volume OEM purchases.


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