Rotary Encoder Delivers Precise Positioning In The Harshest Environments

Rotary Encoder Delivers Precise Positioning In The Harshest Environments

Böblingen, Germany: Avago Technologies has developed the market’s highest-resolution Hall-effect magnetic encoder. Designed for industrial applications such as rotary position sensing, robotics, motor feedback, and valve control, the AEAT-6600-T16 offers up to 16-bit resolution for precise angle measurement over 360° (see the figure).

The encoder is a system-on-a-chip combining integrated Hall elements, an analogue front end, and digital signal processing in a single device. Along with this high level of integration, the encoder features built-in programmability to allow customised encoder settings, providing significant savings for customers’ encoder inventory.

Additionally, the encoder features simultaneous incremental output of up to 1024 cycles per revolution (CPR) in pulse-width modulation (PWM) or incremental output modes, via a two-wire or three-wire synchronous serial interface (SSI) for absolute output. It also has a power-down mode to reduce current consumption.

The AEAT-6600-T16 offers one-step alignment with no calibration required, avoiding handling-related issues during setup and reducing assembly time and costs. The encoder also delivers accurate performance over a large axial gap and radial displacement, reducing concerns related to assembly tolerance errors during the manufacturing process. It’s available in a small 16-pin thin-shrink small-outline package (TSSOP) with low supply voltage for portable, battery-operated applications.

Avago Technologies

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