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Rotary Encoders Offer 1.4-Deg. Resolution, Low-Power Mode

The rotary encoder family from austriamicrosystems has two new members, the AS5030 and the AS5130, which are 8-bit absolute magnetic encoder ICs that feature pushbutton and low-power-mode capabilities. The devices are designed to offer a reliable, contactless alternative to mechanical rotary knobs in a variety of automotive, industrial, and consumer applications, according to the company. The encoders deliver an angle resolution of 1.4 deg. over a full 360-deg. turn (8-bit resolution). Both devices can be configured to provide data via digital serial interface, pulse-width modulation, or daisy chain. The daisy chain configuration enables users to read the position information of individual devices serially, via a single two-wire bus. The ICs operate off a 5-V supply, and handle a \[minus sign\]40\[degree sign\] to +125\[degree sign\] temperature range. Rotational speeds up to 30,000 rpm are available. Both devices offer pushbutton functionality with user-defined magnet-to-device displacement thresholds. Both also can operate in low-power mode, with the AS5030 incorporating an ultra-low-power sleep mode that can be set by the user. The AS5030 comes in a TSSOP16 package, and the AS5130 in an SSOP16 package. Both are lead-free. The AS5030 is sampling now, and the AS5130 will be sampling in Q1 2007. Contact the company for prices. For more information, go to www.austriamicrosystems.com/03products/20_rotary_encoders.htm. .

TAGS: Automotive
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