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Rugged SBC Teams Core 2 Duo With Onboard Flash

Up to 8 Gbytes of onboard SATA Flash-disk storage augments the C800, a rugged 3U single-slot CompactPCI single-board computer (SBC). This reduces the need for external Flash-based or mechanical disk drives, making the system's PMC site available to add user-specific I/O. The C800 is based on a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU at 1.67 GHz or 2.20 GHz; it also features Intel's Speedstep dynamic frequency switching that provides multiple lower power and cooling options with highly integrated on-chip L1 and L2 caches. The fully-featured 1.67-GHz version draws as little as 30 W. Suited for embedded applications in harsh environments, the SBC serves deeply embedded, stand-alone, real-time, rugged controller subsystems; Smart Grid power management and intelligent vehicle power distribution; as well as networked compute-node clusters with optional man-machine (display/keyboard/mouse) interfaces. In addition to the 32-kbyte data and 32-kbyte on-die instruction L1 caches as well as the 4-Mbyte L2 cache, the C800 SBC features extensive DDR and Flash memory arrays to provide large volatile and non-volatile memory resources to support the processor and meet the needs of specific applications. These arrays include up to 2 Gbytes of fast DDR2 SDRAM operating at 667 MHz and up to 2 Mbytes of Flash BIOS. Large-quantity pricing for the C800 SBC starts at $4985 each with delivery from stock to six to eight weeks. AITECH DEFENSE SYSTEMS INC., Chatsworth, CA. (888) 248-3248.


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