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Sampling ADC Packs Dual 14-Bit Converters

The ADSD-1410 module integrates a pair of 14-bit, 10 Msample/s ADCs with buffered outputs. It has two input channels and two 30 MHz sample-and-hold amplifiers. The device has very low noise specifications (150 µVRMS). Signal-to-noise ratio is 78 dB and total harmonic distortion (THD) is rated –80 dB. The device uses a proprietary gate array that provides all the timing and control necessary to operate each ADC from a single, edge-triggered, start-convert pulse. This allows the two ADCs to be run independently at 10 MHz each, and alternating blocks of data can be clocked into the 3-state output buffer continuously at 20 MHz. Two versions are available: the ADSD-1410MC for the 0°C to 70°C temperature range and the ADSD-1410MM covering the -55°C to +125°C range. Pricing for the ADSD-1410MC is $482 each/500 and for the ADSD-1410MM, $732 each. For further information, call DATEL INC., Mansfield, MA. (508) 339-3000, ext. 241.

Company: DATEL INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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