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Sat-Com PAs Feature Single-Chip Design

Designed for satellite communications (sat-com), the die-level TGA4916 and TGA4906 RF power amplifiers (PAs) claim industry benchmarks in performance and overall size reduction. The VSAT power amplifiers offer greater power-added efficiency (PAE) when compared to their previous generation. Sporting a single-chip design, the TGA4916 is a Ka-Band, monolithic 7W amplifier suited for ground terminal applications and the TGA4906 debuts as a half-chip version of the TGA4916. Operating in the 29- to 31-GHz band, the TGA4916 delivers 38.5dBm (7W) of saturated output power and a PAE at Psat of greater than 18% at 30 GHz. Other specs include a 21-dB small signal gain and typical I/O return losses of greater than 12 dB. Operating from 28- to 31-GHz, the TGA4906 provides 36-dBm (4W) of saturated output power, a PAE at Psat beyond 20% at 30 GHz, and a small-signal gain of 24 dB. Samples and pricing information are available now. TRIQUINT SEMICONDUCTOR, Hillsboro, OR. (503) 615-9000.


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