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Schottky Diodes Feature 70V Peak Reverse

With an average profile of 0.58 mm and carrying SUBONE certification, the CMLD6263 series surface-mount Schottky diodes specify a maximum 70V-peak repetitive reverse voltage with a continuous forward current of 15 mA. Each of five devices in the series exhibits a forward-voltage drop of 0.41V, transient response time of 5 ns, and a capacitance of 2 pF. In SOT-563 packages, they are available in five configurations: two diodes in parallel (CMLD6263); two pair of common-anode diodes (CMLD6263A); two pair of common-cathode diodes (CMLD6263C); two pair of diodes in series (CMLD6263S); and two diodes with opposing anodes and cathodes (CMLD6263DO). Pricing starts at $0.18 each/3,000. CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. Hauppauge, NY. (631) 435-1110.


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