Electronic Design

Schottky Diodes Improve Solar Inverter Efficiency

Additions to Cree’s 1.2 kV silicon Schottky diode product line includes four surface-mount, TO-252 D-Pak devices with 2A, 5A, 8A, and 10A current ratings. The devices deliver the same performance as company's existing TO-220 Schottky diodes, but with a smaller footprint and lower profile. The four series include the 2A/1.2 kV C4D02120E, 5A/1.2 kV C4D05120E, 8A/1.2 kV C4D08120E, and the 10A/11.2 kV C4D10120E Series. Operating junction temperature for all C4DXX120E devices is -55°C to +175°C. CREE INC., Durham, NC. (919) 313-5300.

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