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Schottky Family Adds High Voltage Siblings

Two additions round out the company's family of silicon carbide (SiC), Zero Recovery Schottky diodes: a 300V diode in both 10A and 20A versions, and a 1.2 kV device, also available with 10A and 20A ratings. Both are offered in industry standard TO-220 and TO-247 packages. The 300V diodes are primed for use as output rectifiers and for power factor correction chores. The 1.2 kV devices find employment as anti-parallel diodes in high-frequency inverters and as snubber diodes in high-current IGBT inverter applications. For further details and prices, call CREE INC., Durham, NC. (919) 313-5300.

Company: CREE INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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