Electronic Design

“Set It And Forget It ” With Programmable Digital Trimmer

The AD5273 64-step digital trimmer offers a one-time-programmable (OTP) digitally controlled variable resistor (VR) that performs the same electronic adjustment function as a variable resistor or potentiometer. The device replaces mechanical trimmers in "set and forget" factory adjustments. Variable resistance is provided under two-wire I2C-compatible program control. The OTP feature permanently sets the wiper position, which is functionally similar to placing epoxy on a mechanical trimmer. Factory programming software replaces external I2C controllers for faster board assembly. This device eliminates the need for careful matching of specific resistance values in electronic adjustment applications with poor tolerance distributions. The unit suits battery-powered electronic adjustment applications operating from 2.7- to 5.5-V supplies. The AD5273, which comes in an eight-lead SOT-23 package measuring 2.9 by 3 mm, costs $0.68 each in 1000-piece quantities.

Analog Devices Inc.
www.analog.com; (800) 262-5643

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