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SiGe Power Amp Extends Range Of 802.11b/g And Bluetooth Radios

Wireless-local-area-network (WLAN) equipment implementing 802.11g is rapidly emerging to take advantage of the higher 54-Mbit/s data rate and 802.11b compatibility. SiGe Semiconductor's RangeCharger SE2529L power amplifier is making the design of such equipment faster and easier. This three-stage broadband linear amplifier delivers +18-dBm output power while meeting an adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) of -29 dBc at 11-MHz offset and -43 dBc at 20-MHz offset in the 802.11g mode. The SE2529L also provides +23-dBm output at an ACPR of -32 dBc on the first side lobe and -50 dBc on the second side lobe in the 802.11b mode.

The power amplifier can be used in Bluetooth radios. Cambridge Silicon Radio, a major supplier of Bluetooth chip sets, agreed to work with SiGe Semiconductor to supply this power amp to customers needing the range provided by Bluetooth's Class 1 design standard.

The SE2529L is sampling now. Go to www.sige.com for more details.

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