Electronic Design

Single-Wire 16-bit DAC Simplifies Smart Transmitters

Promising to ease the design of smart transmitters in two-wire sensor systems, the DAC161P997 d/a converter sports a single-wire interface and 4-mA to 20-mA current loop drive. Its delta-sigma DAC offers 16-bit accuracy with a temperature coefficient of 29 ppm and long-term output current drift of 90 ppm while consuming less than 190 mA. The loop drive interfaces to a highway addressable remote transducer modulator, allowing injection of FSK-modulated digital data into the current loop. Other features include an operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C. Available in a 16-pin, 4 mm x 4 mm LLP, price is $4 each/1,000. NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 272-9959.

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