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SMA-Packaged Rectifier Meets Medical Requirements

A surface-mount, high-voltage diode, the SM3FG rectifier meets medical standards for dielectric strength standoff for an SMA package. The device is rated for a peak inverse voltage (PIV) of 3,000V and a maximum surge current of 20A. Typical reverse recovery time (Trr) is 75 ns. The SMA package has gull-wing leads that allow traces to be placed further apart on a PC board for increased creepage distance. This enables the package to satisfy the safety requirements for dielectric strength in medical equipment and other applications that have stringent safety standards, such as high-voltage power supplies. The rectifier is available in tape-and-reel packaging that can be handled by pick-and-place production equipment. Price is $0.85 each/6,000. HV COMPONENTS ASSOCIATES, Farmingdale, NJ. (732)938-4499.


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