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SMT Phototransistors Fit Tight-Quarter Designs

Expanding the company's line of infrared phototransistors are devices that provide silicon phototransistor and photo-Darlington outputs, available in miniature surface-mount packages for space-constrained applications. The additions include the OP500/501 Series in 0805 packages with a 150° viewing angle and an aperture power of 1.5 mW/cm2. With water-clear lenses, the OP500 and OP500DA deliver phototransistor and photo-Darlington outputs, respectively, while the OP501DA with an opaque lens provides a photo-Darlington output. In 1206 packages with 160° viewing angles and delivering 5 mW/cm2 of aperture power, the OP520DA with an opaque lens and OP521DA with a water-clear lens offer photo-Darlington outputs. Other additions include the OP525 Series in 1210 packages with 25° viewing angles and 1.5 mW/cm2 of aperture power and the OP580 Series in PLCC-2 packages with 100° viewing angles and 5 mW/cm2 of aperture power. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 323-2200.


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