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SMT Transistors Sport Tiny Profile

Debuting as the company's next generation of smaller, higher density discrete semiconductors, the PICOmini family of surface-mount transistors in SOT-563 packages is said to have the same small signal specs as larger SOT-363 or SOT-26 devices. The new SMT transistors have a nominal profile of 0.58 mm and are SUBONE certified. Dubbed the CMLT series, the family includes nine devices, six of which feature enhanced specifications. The standard devices include the CMLT2222A dual npn, CMLT2907A dual pnp, and CMLT2207 complementary npn and pnp transistors. Enhanced devices include the CMLT3904E dual npn, CMLT3906E dual pnp, CMLT3946E complementary npn and pnp, CMLT5088E dual, low-noise npn, CMLT5087E dual, low-noise pnp, and the CMLT5078E complementary, low-noise npn and pnp transistors. Available in bulk pack or 3,000 pieces on tape-and-reel, the new transistors have a starting price of $0.14 each/3,000. CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Hauppauge, NY. (631) 435-1110.


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