Electronic Design

Solar Bypass IC Boosts Reliability, Cuts Heat

Heralded as the world’s first solar bypass solution capable of increasing power generation efficiency in photovoltaic (PV) solar module applications, the LX2400 IDEALSolar bypass IC employs patented CoolRUN technology, which increases power-generation efficiency and significantly reduces operating temperatures while slashing the reliability problems of traditional Schottky diodes. The LX2400 device will find employment in junction boxes supporting both existing and next-generation high-power solar modules common to industrial, commercial, and solar PPA applications. Other features include a typical forward voltage drop of 50 mV under 10A loads, typical temperature rise of 10°C, and an operating temperature range from -65°C to +165°C, Samples will be available starting in July with production volumes available later in the third quarter. MICROSEMI CORP., Irvine, CA. (800) 713-4113.


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