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Speaker Drivers Enable Thinner Handhelds

Deemed the industry’s first single chips to drive thinner ceramic and piezoelectric speakers, the LM4960, LM4961, and LM4802B speaker drivers integrate a boost converter with an audio power amplifier, eliminating the need for voltage regulators and other external components. The LM4802B and LM4961 deliver 12 Vp-p for ceramic speaker applications and the LM4960 delivers 24 Vp-p for piezoelectric speakers. Operating on a 3V power supply, the LM4960 delivers its full output with less than 1% THD+N. The LM4961 offers battery savings with a low-power mode for earpieces and a high-power mode to drive the both the ring tones and the hands-free speakers. Prices for the LM4960, LM4961, and LM4802B are $2.50, $2.10, and $1.65 each/1,000, respectively. For further information and availability, call NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR, Santa Clara, CA. (800) 272-9959.


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