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SPST Analog Switches Cut Propagation Delays

The ISL84516 and ISL84517 devices have joined the MightyMUX family of high-performance analog switches. The devices provide tON and tOFF ratings of 40 ns and 30 ns, respectively. These fast switching speeds reduce propagation delay in timing-sensitive applications. The ISL84516 has normally open (NO) contacts, while the ISL84517 has normally closed (NC) contacts. Their 1-nA maximum leakage current lengthens hold times in sample-and-hold circuits. Also, the switches offer minimal charge injection of 10 pC to maximize signal integrity. They are CMOS-compatible and pin-compatible with Maxim's MAX4516 and MAX4517 devices. The switches are available in eight-lead SOIC and five-lead SOT-23 packages. The single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switches operate from a ±1.5- to ±6-V dual-polarity supply at temperatures from −40°C to 85°C. Target applications include portable battery-powered equipment. In the eight-lead SOIC package, the ISL84516IB and ISL84517IB devices cost $0.55 each in 100-unit quantities. In the five-lead SOT-23 package, the ISL84516IH-T and ISL84517IH-T switches are priced at $0.56 each for a minimum order of 2500 units.

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