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Standalone ICs Include Automatic Fan Control

The EMC6D100 and EMC6D101 environmental monitoring and control ICs feature automatic fan control. They provide the thermal monitoring and control necessary to protect today's high-heat, small-form-factor system designs.

The EMC6D101 hardware monitoring offers four analog inputs for monitoring external voltages of 2.5, 5, and 12 V as well as VCCP. The device can also monitor its own internal VCC or VSB. The EMC6D100 monitors 3.3, 1.5, and 1.8 V. VID inputs are available to identify the microprocessor voltage specification. These devices also include support for temperature-monitoring three zones—two external temperatures via thermal diode inputs, and internal temperature through an ambient-temperature sensor. The EMC6D100 and EMC6D101 registers are accessible through an industry-standard SMBus, enabling easy implementation on both PC and embedded systems.

The EMC6D101-CK, available in a 24-pin SSOP, costs $4.55 in production quantities. In a 28-pin SSOP package, the EMC6D100-DK costs $5.10.

Standard Microsystems Corp.
(631) 435-6000; www.smsc.com

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