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Surface-Mount PIN Diode Switches Reach 100 W

Surface-Mount PIN Diode Switches Reach 100 W

Able to handle incident power levels of 100 W, the MSW2000 Series of surface-mount PIN-diode SP2T switches is suited for higher-power, higher-linearity RF and microwave applications for the military radio, IED, MRI, and WiMAX markets. The switches are made using the company’s hybrid manufacturing process and are low-profile, compact devices measuring 8 mm long by 5 mm wide by 2.5 mm tall. The SP2T switches are designed in both asymmetrical and symmetrical topologies. The thermal resistance of the transmit PIN Diode is on the order of 6 ºC/W, allowing it to safely handle incident CW power levels exceeding 100 W @ +85ºC. The receive port incorporates a series PIN diode in addition to a Shunt PIN diode floated on a RF bypass capacitor, allowing for positive voltage-only operation. This arrangement provides improved transmit-receive isolation in excess of 40 dB, or allows less than +10 dBm leakage to the receiver port with a +50-dBm transmit applied signal. These SP2T switches are optimized in design to function in two frequency bands of interest: 10 to 1000 MHz and 400 to 4000 MHz. AEROFLEX/METELICS, Londonderry, NH. (888) 641-7364.




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