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Switched-Capacitor Voltage Converter Delivers Regulated ±4% Output

The AAT3110 is a regulated charge pump that furnishes a controlled ±4% output. This Micro Power switched-capacitor voltage converter operates in an output-regulated voltage-doubling mode and uses a pulse-skipping technique. No external inductor is required for operation. To support battery-powered applications, the AAT3110 combines low quiescent current and high efficiency over a large portion of its load range. The step-up-type voltage functions over a 2.7- to 5-V input range. Operating at a relatively high 750-kHz frequency, the part delivers up to 100 mA. Power consumption measures just 13 µA and drops to less than 1 µA in shutdown mode. A thermal-management circuit protects the device under continuous short-circuit conditions. Shipped in a six-pin surface-mount SOT23 or eight-pin SC70JW, the charge pump costs $1.22 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Advanced Analog Technologies Inc.; (408) 524-9684

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