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Switches Extend USB Port Protection

Switches Extend USB Port Protection

Extending the company’s power-switch offerings are eight single-channel devices optimized for use in self-powered and bus-powered USB2.0/3.0 designs and other 3V to 5V hot swap apps. The AP23x1 and AP21x1D high-side, current limited power switches provide channel protection over a current range from 0.5A to 2.0A. The 2A AP2301 (active low enable) and AP2311 (active high enable) specify an on-resistance of 70 m? and a short-circuit response time of 2 µs. The AP21x1D series offers current ratings of 0.5A, 1A, and 1.5A, and both polarities of enable input. To ensure controlled discharge of the output capacitor voltage when the devices are disabled, all power switches integrate a dedicated output-discharge functions. The AP23x1 and AP21x1D are priced from $0.21 each 1,000.  DIODES INC., Dallas, TX. (972) 385-2810.


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