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Synchro/Resolver-To-DC-Converters Handle 400 Conversions/s

A series of solid-state synchro-to-dc converters convert 3-phase synchro or 2-phase resolver inputs into dc sine outputs at 400 conversions/second and a peak angular error of ±2 min. The converters, the series SD-100 from Computer Conversions Corp., accept the output of a standard 11.8-V or 90-V 3-wire synchro or 4-wire resolver and provide two dc voltages, one corresponding to the sine of the rotor shaft angle and the other to the cosine. The input is transformer-isolated and balanced line-to-line. The device rejects synchro input quadrature. The input frequency is 400 Hz ±10% and input impedance is 40 kΩ nominal. Output voltage is 0 to ±10 V dc, and the minimum output load is 2 kΩ. The converter runs on ±15 V dc, ±5% at 12 mA maximum each. Operating temperature range is -55°C to 71°C. The unit meets MIL-E-52720, E54006, T21200.


Delivery is from stock to three weeks.


The series SD-100 converters cost less than $200 each in production quantities.


Visit www.computerconversions.com.

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