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Technology Forecast 2012: Analog & Mixed Signal

Technology Forecast 2012: Analog & Mixed Signal

Technology editor Don Tuite speculates on the future of analog and mixed signal based on the big bets that the big analog companies are placing in a variety of technology and product areas.


Analog Chipmakers’ Announcements Signal Trends

An analysis of analog chipmakers’ 2011 product announcements reveals the ratio of “standard” to “complex, vertically targeted” new products...

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With Today’s Design Tools, You Don’t Have To Copy Your Father’s Schematics

With shrinking design cycles, reduced resources, and increased global competition, engineers need to take advantage of all the tools at their disposal to help them realize working designs faster...

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The Memory Wall Is Ending Multicore Scaling

A look at an analysis of 'memory-wall" problems in multi-core systems, with discussion of possible solutions...

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