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Tiny 1.8V Rail-To-Rail Op Amp Pursues Consumer Applications

The LMV921 op amp offers 1.8V operation with rail-to-rail input and output. The device, which comes in the ultra-small SC-70 package, is suited for portable consumer applications in cell phones and pagers.Operation from 1.8V to 5V is guaranteed. With a low 150-µA quiescent current, the amplifier extends the battery life of portables. It also handles input voltage signals with amplitudes exceeding the supply voltage without distorting the output signal, it's claimed. Typically, the common-mode voltage range can be 300 mV beyond the supply voltage, resulting in maximum dynamic input voltage. The SC-70-packaged amplifier enables designers to place the device closer to the signal source in space-constrained products. Production quantities are available now.


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