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Tiny 20-Bit Audio Codec Packs Seven Functions

Due to the improved sound quality of compressed audio formats, better sound quality is now required of ADCs and DACs for audio-signal recording and playback products. The AK4562, a low-power playback and record device, addresses this problem. The highly integrated device packs a 20-bit stereo ADC and DAC, as well as headphone volume controls, output volume controls, digital high pass filter, input mixer, and digital high pass filter. All seven integrated functions operate at 2.5V in a 28-pin QFN package for portable audio products, such as portable MDs, MP3 players, PDAs and portable data acquisition products. The AK4562 has cut 33% from the power consumption rating of the company's previous products. Additionally, by reducing the pin count and using a smaller package, the mounting area has been reduced by 67%. The AK4562 costs $5.91 each/1,000.


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