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Tiny Diode Array Protects USB Ports

Available in a small SOT 23-6L package, the USB208 steering-diode array is usable on two USB ports for protection against ESD and EFT transients. The device can also be employed after a DB-9 or -15 connector on the PCB to minimize transient return paths and ensure a low ground-impedance connection. The device integrates four diode pairs and exhibits low capacitance, said to allow minimal distortion up to 900 MHz. In addition, it can be configured for either uni- or bi-directional signal or digital data-line applications. Price is $1.35 each/3,000. For more details, call David Hutchins at PROTEK DEVICES, Tempe, AZ. (602) 414-5107.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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