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Tiny Optical Isolation Amplifiers Boast 8-mm Creepage and Clearance

A series of miniature isolation amplifiers in stretched small outline-8 (stretched SO-8) packages are designed for use in a variety of electronic motor drives used in industrial applications. The ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 family of isolation amplifiers uses advanced sigma-delta A/D converter technology to accurately measure motor phase currents in servo and high-end inverter motor drives. The stretched SO-8 package has a footprint that is 30% smaller than conventional dual-inline packages (DIP), yet meet 8-mm creepage and clearance requirements. The high common-mode rejection (CMR) capability of the ACPL-C78x family provides the precision and stability needed by designers to accurately monitor motor current in high-noise motor-control environments to provide smoother control—less torque ripple—in their motor control applications. These new stretched packages are compliant with most industrial safety standards. Pricing for the ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 family of amplifiers begins at $6.00, $4.25, and $3.13 each, respectively in 10,000 piece quantities. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San jose, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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