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Tiny Rail-To-Rail Op Amp Features Bulletproof Output Stage

Capable of sinking and sourcing 80 mA from a 5V supply into large capacitive loads, the tiny MIC7300 rail-to-rail operational amplifier features a bulletproof output stage and is stable, even driving loads with capacitance as high as 6000 pF when operating off a 10V supply. The device has an input common-mode range that reportedly exceeds the supply's and an output that will swing to within 1 mV of the rails when driving a 100 kiloohm load.For space-conscious applications, the device comes in a 5-pin IttyBitty SOT23-5 package. For higher power applications, it is also available in an MSOP-8 package with a fused leadframe for enhanced thermal dissipation. Slew rate of 0.5V/µs, combined with a gain bandwidth product of 0.5 MHz and a supply current of 0.5 mA, make the device well-suited for buffering high-impedance sensors. Other applications include battery-powered instrumentation. Samples are available from stock.


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