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Transimpedance Amps Expand Application Range

The MTI04E and MTI08 transimpedance amplifiers complement the company’s existing MTI ICs to address a number of additional applications. Generally for processing signals from sensors with multiple current outputs, the greater sensitivity and wider dynamic range of the MTI04E and MTI08 qualifies them for use with photodiodes in array or row sensors that operate in low light or environments with extreme intensity/color changes. The MTI04E's functions and pin assignments are fully compatible with the existing MTI04CS/CQ signal amplifier with the main difference being three functional channels integrated on the chip. This permits signal processing for tri-color sensors within a single module. The fourth channel performs as a reference channel for the sensor system's temperature compensation and separate from the programmable amplifiers. The MTI08, provides eight programmable channels that are individually configurable for eight amplification levels and provides a MUX on the output. MAZET GMBH, Jena, Germany. +49 3641 2809-0.


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