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Transistors Satisfy Infrastructure Needs

Infrastructure equipment for CDMA, GSM, and EDGE always craves improved RF transistor performance. In response, Motorola has designed a series of 100-W, 900-MHz RF power transistors in plastic packaging. These transistors also promise to deliver efficiency, enhanced power capabilities, and ease of use for 900-MHz cellular-base-station power-amplifier applications. As a result, designers and equipment manufacturers should gain manufacturing and system cost savings through higher yields and production margins.

The 900G3 product series includes the MRF5S9100M 100-W, 900-MHz RF power transistor for CDMA applications. It demonstrates a typical performance of 17-dB gain, 23-W average output power, and 30% efficiency at −45-dBc adjacent channel power.

The series also has the MRF5S9101M. Unlike the above product, this 100-W, 900-MHz plastic RF power transistor is optimized for GSM and GSM EDGE applications. Under EDGE conditions, its typical performance is 17-dB gain, 50-W output power, and 40% efficiency.

The third product featured in the line is a 60-W, 26-V, 880-MHz device. Dubbed the MRF5S9060M, it offers gains of 18 dB and 30% efficiency under CDMA conditions.

All three devices leverage the performance advantages of Motorola's fifth-generation RF laterally diffused metal-oxide-silicon (LDMOS) die technology. Among their other strengths are higher output capabilities and a 4%-to-5% point increase in efficiency over previous generations. Compared to standard ceramic packaging, these devices boast a 20% improvement in thermal resistance.

Samples of the 900G3 products are available now. Production quantities are expected in the fourth quarter. The MRF5S9100M and MRF5S9101M come in the TO270 or TO272 wide-body packages. In quantities of 100,000, the resale pricing for the 900G3 products is $44.32 for the MRF5S9100M; $42.41 for the MRF5S9101M; and $23.86 for the MRF5S9060M.

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