Electronic Design

Traveling Wave Amplifier Specs 30 kHz To 80 GHz Bandwidth

Trumpeted as the industry’s first ultra broadband traveling wave amplifier (TWA) for digital-communication applications that operate in the 30 kHz to 80 GHz band, the AMMC-5025 TWA provides 8 dB of small signal gain and a gain flatness of ±0.7 dB. Gain slope control and adjustable gain control features enable over 25 dB of dynamic range. Notably, with a miniature die size of 1.6 mm x 1 mm, the amplifier integrates easily into a wide range of RF micro modules and subsystems. Other features include a 50? match on input and output, an input/output return loss of -10dB/-15dB, and ESD protection. Price for the AMMC-5025 is $150 each/1,000. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (877) 673-9442.

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