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Trench MOSFETs Improve Efficiency

Offered in 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm packages, the company's trench MOSFETs are said to exhibit a 60% better on resistance than comparable devices, thereby yielding a power efficiency boost up to 30%. Eight devices in the line specify on resistances ranging from 150 to 900 mΩ. They are small-signal, 20V MOSFETs for use in 430 mA to 950 mA applications. The NTA4151PT1, NTE4151PT1, NTZS3151PT1, and NTZD3152PT1 are p-channel MOSFETs for high-side load switching up to 850 mA. Both single and dual modes are available. Also offered in single and dual modes, the NTA4153NT1, NTE4153NT1, and NTZD3154NT1 n-channel devices are for low-side load switches up to 915 mA. Lastly, the NTZD3155CT1 is a complementary n-channel and p-channel combination for integrated load switching or low current dc/dc conversion. Prices range from $0.10 to $0.12 each/10,000. ON SEMICONDUCTOR, Phoenix, AZ. (800) 282-9855


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