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Triac And Diac Trigger Reside In Same Package

The Alternistor QUADRAC series is claimed to be an ideal, lower-cost alternative to the option of buying discrete diacs to assemble in conjunction with gated triacs. The device comprises a triac and a 33V to 43V diac trigger mounted inside the same package, eliminating the need for snubber networks. Being a bidirectional ac switch, the device is gate-controlled for either polarity of main terminal voltage. Current capacities range from 5Arms to 15Arms with blocking voltage ranging from 400V to 600V. The devices' packages are UL recognized and electrically isolated to 2,500Vrms from their leads to their mounting surfaces. No external isolation is required and all junctions are glass-passivated. Pricing starts at $0.75 to $2 and delivery is from stock to eight weeks ARO.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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