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Tuning Diodes Enhance VCO And PLL Designs

Suitable for stable use in VCO and PLL designs, the 2043 series of hyper-abrupt tuning diodes operates over VHF (30 MHz to 300 MHz), UHF (300 MHz to 3 GHz), and L-Band (1 GHz to 2 GHz) frequency ranges. The diodes are said to exhibit low reverse leakage current and a nominal well-controlled slope with a 3:1 capacitance ratio.Operating temperature range is from -55¡C to 125¡C. Employing an ion-implanted structure, the diodes are available in industry-standard packages, which include SOT-23 (single, common cathode, or common anode), SOD-323, and a sub-miniature SC-79 models. Resonance can exceed 2.5 GHz for devices in the SC-79 package. For more information and prices on the new tuning diodes, contact KNOX SEMICONDUCTOR INC. Rockport, MN. (207) 236-6076.


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