Electronic Design

Two- And Four-Channel Audio ADCs Target Professional Production Gear

Professional and broadcast audio boards, which typically process many audio channels, are the target application for two high-performance, 24-bit audio analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The PCM4202 and PCM4204 offer a 118-dB dynamic range, −105-dB total harmonic distortion, and sampling rates up to 216 kHz. Perhaps their most important attribute in audio gear is their low 150-mW per channel power consumption. The two-channel PCM4202 and four-channel PCM4204 include a 3.3-V logic-interface audio serial port that supports both standard pulse-code-modulated and time-division-multiplexing data. Both devices operate from a +5-V analog supply and a +3.3-V digital supply. The PCM4204 comes in a HTQFP-64 PowerPAD, and the PCM4202 is housed in a SSOP-28. Pricing is $7.95 each in thousand-unit lots.

Texas Instruments Inc.

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