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Ultra-Low Voltage and Ultra-Low Power Differential Amplifier Circuit

This basic differential amplifier, while appearing not very complicated, is unconventional in that it operates the EPAD MOSFET devices in the subthreshold region. Therefore it requires a different perspective in how these EPAD MOSFET transistors are biased and utilized in the circuit. A wide range of possible performances can be associated with each different circuit configuration using different members of the EPAD MOSFET Array family.

For purposes of illustration, the main objectives of this differential amplifier have been focused on ultra low-voltage and ultra low-power versions operating at or near DC. Examples of some key specifications achieved:

Example A

Products used: ALD110800, ALD110902

Single stage: V+ = 0.5V, Rb = 275 kO, I+ = 1.9 µA, Pd = 960 nW, Gain = 24

Dual stage: V+ = 0.5V, Rb = 275 kO, I+ = 2.8 µA, Pd = 1.4 µW, Gain = 525

Example B

Products used: ALD110800, ALD110900

Single stage: V+ = 0.2V, Rb = 184 kO, I+ = 2.8 µA, Pd = 574 nW, Gain = 20

Dual stage: V+ = 0.2V, Rb = 184 kO, I+ = 4.8 µA, Pd = 960 nW, Gain = 238



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