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USB-Capable Switches Deliver Low-Distortion Audio

Intersil claims its trio of audio/data switches are the first commercially available devices to provide both low-distortion audio and USB switching capabilities.

The ISL54400 has audio switches that provide a very-low-distortion path suitable for MP3 playback into stereo headphone loads, and can handle negative signal swings up to 20 mW power levels into a 32-_ headphone load without clipping. It includes USB cable detection and data-rate negotiation hardware functions. The ISL54401 includes the USB cable detection but not the data rate negotiation hardware functions. The ISL54402 provides none of the USB functions and is a basic audio/data switch.

The ISL54400, ISL54401, and ISL54402 are designed for mixed audio and data switching in handheld and audio accessory applications. Target applications include MP3 and personal media players, cellular/mobile phones, PDAs, USB switching, and audio/USB switching.

All three devices are available in TDFN packaging and ultra-thin micro QFN, which Intersil claims saves 67 % board area over a traditional TDFN package.

The ISL54400/01/02 are now available.

The ISL54400 is available in a 10-lead DFN package and is priced at $1.07, the ISL54401 is available in 10-lead DFN package and is priced at $1.04, and the ISL54402 is available in a 10-lead DFN package and is priced at $0.79. All pricing is based on 1000-unit quantities.

Visit www.intersil.com

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