Variable Capacitance Accelerometer Boosts LF Measurement Accuracy

Variable Capacitance Accelerometer Boosts LF Measurement Accuracy

High-accuracy measurement of low-frequency events distinguishes Meggitt Sensing Systems’ Endevco 7298 triaxial, variable capacitance accelerometer from comparable devices. The device offers +0.5% full-scale output (FSO) typical nonlinearity and hysteresis for most ranges, and +1% FSO maximum for thermal sensitivity shift and thermal zero shift. Standard excitation input ranges from 6 to 45 V dc. Military temperature range extends from −55 to +125°C with integral digital temperature compensation. Available in six models (from 2 to 100 g), the 7298 comes in a stainless-steel, hermetically sealed package that measures 14.2 mm high and overall weighs 22 grams. An integral water-resistant connector, when combined with an optional model 3907 cable assembly, allows for extended outdoor exposure. Thanks to a patented sensing element with gas damping and internal over-range stops, the transducer can withstand high shock and acceleration loads. Applications include automotive rough-road body-motion studies, suspension system tests, launching loading and acceleration, and short-term navigation.


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