Electronic Design

Video Buffer Shrinks Size, Shuts Down At 150 nA

Designed for 3- or 5-V operation, the MAX4090 video buffer targets battery-powered applications by offering a shutdown current of just 150 nA. Competitive units may draw 30 µA or more in shutdown. Within a six-pin SC-70 or SOT-23 package, the 6-dB buffer amplifier integrates an input clamp and sag correction. The latter function reduces output capacitance requirements to two 22-µF capacitors in driving ac-coupled, 150-Ω back-terminated loads. Other specifications include a small-signal 0.1-dB gain flatness of 17 MHz. Pricing is under $0.50 in lots of 1000.

Maxim Integrated Products • www.maxim-ic.com

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