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Video Line Driver ICs With Integrated Filters Replace Discrete Parts

A pair of IC video line drivers with integrated filters provide a way to lower cost, reduce component count and save board space in set-top boxes, CCTV, DVD players, video cameras and TV sets. The FMS6413 (single channel) and FMS6414 (dual channel) are monolithic devices that integrate video low-pass filters and 75_ cable drivers. The FMS6413 is suited for composite video applications where only a single video signal is involved. The FMS6414 is intended for S-video and similar applications in which the chroma and luma signals are separated. Both devices have the same filter characteristics, namely 1.0 dB flatness across the pass band, 7.1 MHz cutoff frequency and 37 dB stop band rejection at 27 MHz. The devices approximate the performance of a 4th-order Butterworth filter optimized towards low overshoot and flat group delay. The driver can send 2Vp-p into a 150_ load and offers less than 0.4% differential gain and 0.4% differential phase for the video signal. Both are packaged in an 8-pin SOIC. Pricing in 1000-piece quantities is $0.79 for the FMS6413 and $0.91 for the FMS6414. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (408) 822-2314.


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